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How To Properly Use LinkedIn To Get You Leads!

Do you still use LinkedIn?

Have you used it?

If you have a LinkedIn profile lying around collecting dust, that hasn’t been touched in ages, let me tell you why you need to go back and retouch your profile, especially if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer.

You are missing out on a ton of leads.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking.

“LinkedIn sucks.”

“LinkedIn is for old people.”

“Nobody uses LinkedIn anymore!”

You’re wrong. LinkedIn has changed a lot since you last used it and even if you are an active LinkedIn user, you’re probably using LinkedIn all wrong.

The classic thing everyone does when they create and setup their LinkedIn profile is that they make their profile an online resume.

Unless you’re a job-seeker or you are unemployed and hoping someone will hire you on LinkedIn, you shouldn’t be doing this.

If you are an entrepreneur, especially if you are a freelancer, stop telling and showing people what you’ve done.

You need to re-frame your LinkedIn profile. Instead of showing people what you’ve done, show them what you can do for them. Instead of highlighting past projects you’ve worked on as if LinkedIn is your resume, tell people what kind of projects are on the horizon for you and what you’d love to work on next.

Instead of telling people what you can do and what you’re great at, tell people what you can do for them and their business. It’s okay to be humble sometimes but there’s nothing wrong with selling yourself a little on LinkedIn. LinkedIn should be like a billboard.

Could you imagine if you bought ad space on a large billboard just off of the highway, just to list your past experiences on it? Who in their right mind would do business with you?

No, on that large billboard, you’re going to sell yourself. You’re going to let people know what you can do for them and their business and why they need to contact you right away.

The next thing you should know about LinkedIn, is that it’s changed a lot since you’ve last logged into it. There are features that a lot of people aren’t even aware of or are not even using!

Did you know you could post private (only visible to you) notes and reminders on your connections? Even tell yourself how you met this person and who introduced you?

Instead of using expensive CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software, you could actually use LinkedIn to keep track of leads and clients.

You can leave notes on connections to keep track of how far they are along your sales funnel. You could set reminders to follow up with your leads. Anything is possible really, but this opens up the potential to use LinkedIn as a way to gather, track, follow-up and hopefully close leads!

So go back there, clean up your LinkedIn profile and start being a little more active on it. I know I’ve been guilty of these things myself, but since I started re-framing how I see and use LinkedIn, it’s helped me quite a bit as a freelancer and entrepreneur!

Watch the video above if you need demonstration on how you should be using LinkedIn for yourself and your business. Don’t neglect LinkedIn anymore, it could be a great opportunity for you and a way for you to scale your business!

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  • In a way, LinkedIn is a B2B kinda deal instead of a B2C. Nice point there, Corey!

    • Exactly! And using it in this way has helped me as a freelancer!