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How To Add An Opt-In Page To Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook fan page for your business has the potential to help you really build your list.

Instead of trying to get Facebook fans to click over to your site and then try to convert them with an opt-in page or squeeze page, why not remove a step and make it even easier for your fans to opt-in?

I’m going to show you how to easily add a Facebook tab to your Facebook page, for free, that can be turned into a squeeze page / opt-in page.

fb tab

The first thing you need to have, is your squeeze page / opt-in page already created on your website. Keep it simple because the Facebook tab will be an i-frame. If you need help creating a great looking squeeze page or optin page, I highly recommend, and use, OptimizePress.

Create a simple, white background page, with an opt-in form and some text. That way, when you add it as a tab to your Facebook fan page it will look something like this, congruent and consistent.

fb squeeze page tab

Next, after your squeeze page is created and ready to be embedded into your Facebook fan page, you need to search for and add the following Facebook application: WooBox Custom Tabs.

Add the application to the right Facebook page, and follow the steps to create a new account.

After you follow all the steps, you will be redirected to the page to edit your new custom tab.

The first thing you need to do, is change the Page Source from HTML to URL. Then, it’s as simple as pasting the URL of your squeeze page into the URL field.

page source

After that, simply Save Settings. From here, you can click Tab Settings in the left sidebar to upload your own photo for the tab and name for the tab. The default is Welcome but you can switch it to whatever you like.

fb apps

After that, that’s pretty much it!

I would recommend going back to your Facebook page and clicking on “Manage Tabs” to change the order of your tabs and making your custom tab higher than Photos or Videos to make it more visible to your Facebook fans.

Another tip is to create a new list just for Facebook. So when users opt-in through your FB page, they are opted into your “FB list” which will allow you to track how well your opt-in tab is performing and even send your Facebook fans unique newsletters as opposed to your regular list members.

Try it out! If you have any questions or suggestions as to improve this, let me know in the comments below!

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  • Hi, Corey, I’ve actioned something from my to-do list 🙂

    I set this up as you suggest but the free app has a banner that I didn’t like so I’ve looked around and come up with another app ‘Static HTML: iframe tabs’, I’m not sure if it’s as user-friendly as the one you recommend, you might need some coding experience.

    Thanks for getting me started!

    • Hey Donald, I’m pretty sure you can change the banner! Anywho, I’m glad this video got you to do something helpful for your business. Awesome stuff! Thanks so much for actually implementing and not just consuming my content! It means a lot to me.