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How I Added Over 300 Twitter Followers In Only 7 Days

I used to use my personal Twitter profile as the “official” Twitter account for this website, Laptop Entrepreneurship. Recently, as I resolve to grow and scale Laptop Entrepreneurship for 2015, I decided to create a separate and more official Twitter profile for Laptop Entrepreneurship, thus I created @embolden_co.

Starting from zero again, I used this as an opportunity to build a new following and introduce new people to Laptop Entrepreneurship and the blog and my YouTube channel.

I wound up adding over 300 followers to this Twitter account in only 7 days. Since using these strategies repeatedly, that I used to add those 300 followers, the Laptop Entrepreneurship Twitter account has over 800 followers and I only created this Twitter account 3 weeks ago. That’s almost 300 followers a week, thus the name of this article, 300 followers in 7 days.


Here, I’m going to detail the exact strategy and method I used to grow my Twitter following to real, engaged and organic followers that not only follow me now, but also checked out this website!

Setup Your Profile For Success

So, before we go into my daily routine that I stuck with for 7 days, you first need to put yourself in the best position on Twitter to get the most followers possible.

The first thing you need to consider is do you have a profile picture that is attractive, captures people’s attention, immediately tells someone what your profile is all about and looks good on a small mobile device.

Why does this matter?

We’re going to be engaging a lot of people and when you show up in their stream, all they see is this tiny little picture. If it’s compelling enough, they will click on it and learn more about you. Change your profile picture, even if it’s simply temporary while you commit to this 7 day plan of attack, to put yourself in the best position to get a lot of followers.

Next, you need a good Twitter name that immediately tells people what your Twitter profile and website is all about. This can be temporary as well, since you can always change this in the future. But instead of having a vague name or a brand name like “Google” or “Facebook”, use something like “Awesome Search Engine” or “Great Social Network” until you build a following. Your Twitter handle can always represent your brand.

Lastly, you will want to create a tweet and pin it that quickly describes in 140 characters or less what your website and Twitter profile has to offer and is all about. Your bio will of course do this for you, but most people, after clicking on your profile, will browse your Twitter tweets. Make your pinned Tweet good!

Find The Influencers In Your Niche

The next thing that I did and that you need to do, is look at the influencers in your niche.

You want to find the Twitter profiles of these people in your niche and ideally, they have a really large and engaged Twitter following who would also be interested in what you have to offer and the value you bring.

So, in my case, my site is in the online business and make money online space. So, two people who I really admire and are influencers for me and my niche are Pat Flynn and Derek Halpern.

Everyday, for 7 days, I would look at their most recent followers.

The followers who I thought and saw to be the most active, engaged in my niche and I think would be my target audience, I would follow. So, the first thing I would do, everyday for 7 days was follow between 50-100 targeted users on Twitter.

Search And Engage

The next thing I would do, and it’s something not a lot of people on Twitter take advantage of, is to go on and find users in the middle of a conversation that is relevant to my niche.


Use the Advanced Search to search by hashtag, search for users within 5 kms of you, search by mood, etc. Use keywords that your target audience might use when talking about your niche. Search for and pinpoint the exact phrases and language your audience uses.

For example, in my case, I would search for the tools my audience might be using and trying to learn about such as WordPress or OptimizePress. These people are likely going to be online entrepreneurs or looking to make money online which my website can help them with and provide them a lot of value.

I found someone asking “Should I use OptimizePress or LeadPages?”

Instead of being all pitchy and salesy like “Check out my YouTube channel, I answer that!”, I ask her questions.

I engage these users and ask them questions and build a relationship. I gave her my personal opinion without every pitching anything. She wound up following me without even having to ask her or insinuating it.

Treat it like dating. You wouldn’t try to close on the first date, would you?

Get to know them and build a relationship with them. This way you get more engaged and higher quality followers who care about what you have to say.

Favorite Tweets Of Engaged Users

If you have nothing to contribute or can’t provide value to users talking about something relevant to your niche but think they are part of your target audience, Favorite their Tweet. If you have a good Twitter name and picture, they are very likely to check you out and see just who the heck randomly favorited their Tweet.

Engage Everyone

Whenever you get a Tweet or reply or direct message, always respond to it. Keep providing people value and answer their questions as well as ask them questions to better get to know them.

Once you build up relationships with these people, you know what they’ll start doing? Retweeting you and start Tweeting about you. Because you’re providing them value without asking for anything in return, they will start to engage you and you will become part of their conversation helping you grow your following on Twitter even more.

Just take a look at some of the Tweets I got:


Twitter Growth Routine

After following around 50-100 users, I would start using and engage and Favorite around 50-100 tweets. This would be my routine everyday for 7 days.

Is it a lot of work?

Hell yes.

But it’s not too much that you can’t do it and spend an hour everyday doing it, putting in the time, investing your time, to help grow your following on Twitter really quickly, as well as provide a lot of people value which in turn builds relationships and improves the quality of your brand.

Show people that you care and they will want to return the favor.

Don’t be salesy, don’t be pushy. You don’t have to ask people to follow you or checkout your website right away for your Twitter profile to gain a lot of followers or for your website to get a lot of traffic. Ask after you build that relationship.

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  • This is some good stuff Corey! I’m looking to gain more followers this year, so I will heed this advice for sure!

  • Great stuff, Corey. I’m new to Twitter and learning how to use it to promote my content. Somehow you found me within hours of my signing up for Twitter and now here I am, reading your site and enjoying your content.
    Obviously, your method worked in my case!

    • Thanks Chris! 🙂
      Awesome! I love Twitter, especially since Facebook has started limiting the reach of people’s posts. I feel like Twitter is an excellent platform to get my content to reach people like you. I’m glad to see it worked!

  • Karolina Jasvinaite

    Everytime I visit your blog, I find something awesome here! Thanks for these nice surprises 🙂