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Want to Grow Your Business? Focus on One Thing.

As marketers or entrepreneurs, we’re inundated with a ton of information. Growth hacks, marketing strategies, and the newest case study on what’s working now.

As a result, we’re desperate to implement everything in hopes that it will grow our business and bring in more sales.

However, all this does is enable half-assed marketing. Then, when it doesn’t work, we blame the strategy, not the execution.

If you don’t know where to begin with all the information and ideas you have, you should focus.

And I mean really focus.

Focus on only one thing at a time. Pour all of your time, energy, money, and resources into one thing.


Focusing on one thing allows you to fine tune and continually improve and optimize your one thing.

When you’re only focused on one strategy, you only need to seek the information that applies to that strategy. Also, every new thing you learn or new piece of information you gather will be applied to your one focus.

Plus, you probably don’t do this already like most entrepreneurs. If you’ve never tried it, how do you know how effective it is? It’s at least worth experimenting with and trying for a few weeks.

You’ll never again sit blankly at your computer or desk wondering what you should be working on. Everything you do and study revolves around your one focus in your business.

What Should You Focus On?

Easier said than done, right?

I mean, aren’t all marketing channels important? Shouldn’t I be on every single social media platform? Shouldn’t I pay for ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Bing?

Focusing doesn’t mean being minimalistic. It just means you take on less projects, less information, and do the things that fit into the bigger picture and work.

Steve Jobs said it best: “When you think about focusing, you think ‘Well, focusing is about saying yes.’ No! Focusing is about saying no.

[youtube id=”H8eP99neOVs” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” maxwidth=”600″]

Figure out what is your most profitable marketing strategy or most important KPI.

If you had a gun to your head and could only do one thing to grow your business, what would it be?

For example, as part of the marketing team at Shopify, there’s a lot of different projects, teams, and things going on. If I took the approach of most people, I would try to get involved in as many projects as possible, participate in all discussions from other teams, and overall, try to do too much.

However, at Shopify, I have a mantra: “does it help Shopify grow?”

Whenever there’s a new project I can work on, whenever I have a new idea, or whenever there’s a debate going on in the company, I simply ask myself that mantra.

If the answer is “no”, I don’t participate or execute on the idea. It’s that simple.

My entire focus at Shopify is to ensure everything I do ultimately helps the company grow. This keeps me grounded. I don’t get distracted by the seemingly dozens of things going on within the company unless it aligns with my mantra.

I even have a post-it note on my computer to remind myself of this mantra.


I also only have one KPI I care about at Shopify.


Every piece of content I create, or webinar I do, is to build the email list at Shopify. That’s it.

It’s really easy to have a dashboard with 15 different metrics up and trying to optimize for each and every one of them. However, keeping it simple has yielded the best results for me and it gives everything I do more purpose.


So again, choose the one marketing strategy, find your one mantra, and focus on your one KPI. Don’t overcomplicate it.

If Facebook ads are working really well for you right now, and you’re testing other channels, stop and only focus on Facebook.

From there, you’re only focused on continually optimizing your ads, checking for your one KPI on your Facebook ads, and the only information you need to consume pertains to optimizing Facebook ads.

If the only KPI you care about is average order value, then everything you do will be focusing on optimizing it, increasing it, and finding ways to make it higher.

You’ll begin to feel this sense of relief after a few days, once you’ve been laser focused on one thing. It’s as if giving yourself a constraint like this sets you free.

I think the frustration a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers feel comes from their lack of focus. Taking this approach to their business (and even life) will give you a lot of clarity.

What do you think? Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree. I read and respond to all comments.

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  • You must be tapped into my brain Corey. I had this very conversation with my partner last night.

    I like your mantra.

    • Haha, awesome! Glad my telepathic powers are still on point.

  • Hi Corey, I’ve definitely had the shiny object syndrome. Sometimes I have to remind myself what is my key area of focus for my business. It hasn’t always been easy, however I have gotten better with practice.

    • Me too, Corey. This all comes from my personal struggle!