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I've always had an entrepreneurial bug in me. I started teaching myself how to code at a really young age and when I was 16, I got my first freelance web design gig. Looking back, the site looked terrible! However, it set forward my freelancing career and my ability to constantly improve, learn and hustle. I graduated majoring in business back in 2008.

Working with and developing websites for so many awesome people over the years has taught me a lot about marketing, entrepreneurship, SEO and business. I feel as though my experience just over the last few years has taught me a whole lot more than my 4 years studying business in school.

While a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers will tout their amazing ability to communicate, I have an amazing ability to listen. I feel one of the most underrated strengths is the ability to listen. Listen to what the market wants, listen to what my customers think, listen to my client's needs. I ensure I'm always listening, which is why people love working with me.

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My Projects

All The Cool Things I'm Working On

My personal blog and YouTube channel where I share my journey with other entrepreneurs and showing what works for me and how to execute it.

A motivational and educational podcast for entrepreneurs that I co-host with Anthony Cintorino.

My e-book and online course teaching Fiverr sellers how to be successful on the hugely popular, micro services marketplace, Fiverr.


Here's How I Can Help Your Business

Corey has been fantastic to work with! He made the entire process smooth and easy to follow. I was initially nervous to even attempt this project and Corey made it so easy I was shocked. His designs, professionalism and talent is top notch.

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